Do The Houston Astros Still Need J.D. Martinez?

By Josh Sippie
J.D. Martinez
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

He was called up right next to Houston Astros‘ poster child Jose Altuve, but has not seen the same success. J.D. Martinez was called up in an unenviable situation — fill in the void that Hunter Pence left.

Having just returned to the team after being on the disabled list since late July, has seen sporadic playing time on a team that’s lost their last thirteen games. The problem is that the current outfield is incredibly clustered and with more call-ups on the way, will only get more crowded. So what value does J.D. Martinez still have going forward?

It’s been an Astros’ theme that players will get every chance and then some to succeed, and the more players they have competing for spots, the more likely those players are to perform at the best of their ability, seeing as how no position is guaranteed. Along that string of logic, Martinez has, and will continue to have plenty of value on the Astros, as does just about any other player on the roster.

There are currently about seven guys competing for three outfield spots, and with George Springer, possibly Jonathan Singleton and now even Delino Deshields Jr. following his move to the outfield competing for a spot, it’s only going to get more clustered going into Spring Training.

But that’s just the way the Astros want it. They have a ton of young talent, and once they start competing against each other, they’ll only get better. Martinez has never been the greatest fielder, but after the forced move to the American League, he always has the designated hitter spot available to him as well.

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