Why Did New York Yankees' Mariano Rivera Decide Not To Play In Houston?

By Adam Fischer
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

So, Mariano Rivera has officially called it quits. He will never pitch again for the New York Yankees. It’s a decision that came after speculation that he would consider playing in the outfield for the first time in his major league career. The Yankees manager, Joe Girardi, said that Mo could do anything he wanted this weekend against the Houston Astros, which entailed pitching or playing any other position. But Rivera decided that it just wasn’t in the cards.

I would have loved to see Mo play in a place on the field that he’s not accustomed to manning. It would have been a fun twist to end his legendary career. But, Rivera has too much respect for the game and didn’t want to sully not only the sport of baseball, but it wouldn’t do justice to his career if he did get a ball hit to him and end up misplaying it.

There have been mixed reactions regarding the issue of leaving Rivera with the decision as to whether or not he should be put into a game anywhere but on the mound. It could have been a mockery to baseball and ended up being a sideshow act in the Yanks’ final series of the year.

The most disappointing factor of his decision is that Andy Pettitte is making his final start in pinstripes tonight and if the opportunity arises, he will not have his battery-mate to nail down the win in the ninth and add to their already overwhelming record of wins and saves combination. But, it is understandable because the way he was taken out in his final appearance in Yankee Stadium was too perfect an ending to replicate and one of the most emotional and memorable moments that can happen on a baseball diamond.





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