Milwaukee Brewers Optimistic About 2014

By Michael Terrill
Milwaukee Brewers Optimistic About 2014
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The Milwaukee Brewers had a very unusual season that fell well below expectations. Even with Milwaukee’s win-loss record flipped, they would still miss the playoffs. The good news is the organization feels very optimistic about their chances next year.

Signing starter Kyle Lohse right before the start of the season, critical injuries and the detrimental Ryan Braun ordeal are all reasons for heads to be scratched in Milwaukee. I am not saying signing Lohse was a bad decision. However, signing him to a deal that will pay him a decent amount of money right before the regular season gets underway definitely was a hasty move, especially since the only way it pans out is if there is a team around him. Considering Milwaukee knew they were a few players short of a postseason contender, one has to wonder the thought process.

Numerous first basemen suffering season-ending injuries and Aramis Ramirez never being able to stay healthy really took a toll on the ball club. However, it was Braun’s suspension and popularity with the media because of his actions that really made 2013 a season to forget.

Owner Mark Attanasio certainly wishes the year would have gone differently. With that being said, he noticed enough bright spots on the team to believe there could be immediate success next season.

“Unfortunately, the first word that comes to mind is ‘disappointing.’ I think we all know the reasons for that,” Attanasio said, according to

“That said, it did end up somewhat encouraging both in terms of our wins, and most importantly in terms of how all the young guys have played, the ones who came up these last 2-3 months. It certainly is going to affect how we plan in the offseason. We did our full group staff meetings, and a lot of these guys are in the mix now, and I don’t know if you would have had any of them in the mix 3-4 months ago.”

Milwaukee has seen several young players step up when called upon. In particular, pitcher Tyler Thornburg, second baseman Scooter Gennett, outfielder Khris Davis and first baseman Sean Halton have all proven they deserve a legitimate shot in Spring Training. Meanwhile, Jean Segura and Carlos Gomez have given the Brewers hope that the playoffs are a realistic possibility in 2014, assuming other players around them can improve.

There is no question fans in Milwaukee as well as the Brewers organization have every reason to be excited about all of the possibilities for 2014.

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