San Francisco Giants Rumors: Overpay Hunter Pence; Soon will Lincecum

Hunter Pence
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The long rumored deal between the San Francisco Giants and Hunter Pence is finally official and the front office has done their part to ease the pain of the players for under-performing all season. They figured if they made a bonehead move and overpaid Pence, they were flubbing up just like the team did. How nice is that? Now that they have paid too much to Pence, the Giants appear ready to do the same with starter Tim Lincecum.

I really cannot imagine what the Giants were thinking when they agreed to give Pence a five year $90 million deal which is reportedly what he has. Not only did they give him 18 million per season on average but also a no-trade clause. If Pence always had 11 homers every month that would make good sense. As it is, Pence is a very reliable outfielder that usually doesn’t come close to 11 jacks every month.

This is not me busting Pence; in fact I like his style of play a great deal. He just isn’t someone that would usually warrant 18 million per season. That isn’t to say he shouldn’t get a nice contract but by overpaying Pence the way they are, they set themselves up to be tied down to him if he doesn’t continue to deliver at this record pace he has found.

The really disturbing news for the Giants is that they appear to be prepared to give Lincecum plenty of money as well. Hopefully they will exercise a little more good sense when offering him a deal. Here’s hoping Pence blows the doors off of the place next season and deserves twice as much as he is making; but I doubt it.

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