Should New York Yankees Play Mariano Rivera During Last Series of 2013?

By Michael Terrill
Should New York Yankees Play Mariano Rivera During Last Series of 2013
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

New York Yankees legendary closer Mariano Rivera could not ask for a better way to ride into the sunset. Obviously, a World Series win would have been better. However, the way the Yankees saluted him at his last home game was incredible. There is nothing left for Rivera. His final farewell has happened and he should just leave it at that. With that being said, will Rivera appear in a game one last time during the team’s last series of 2013?

“I’ll talk to him every day to see what he wants to do,” manager Joe Girardi said, according to “I know he’s talked about playing some center field, but I know he has some concern about his leg running out there. That’s really up to him. If he wants to do it, he can do it. I’m OK with it.”

Personally, I believe the only way Rivera should enter another game is if he plays center field. There is no reason for him to take the mound again because neither the Yankees nor he will be able to create a better moment than the one that was shared at Yankee Stadium with Andy Pettitte and Derek Jeter. However, lining up in center field would be a special moment all in its own.

The 43-year-old will go down as the greatest closer to play Major League Baseball.  The last player to wear No. 42 has given everything he has to America’s pastime. No one should be more proud about the way he played the game other than him.

Rivera will leave behind a legacy that includes five World Series rings, ALCS MVP, World Series MVP and the MLB record for career saves (652). He also holds the Major League record for postseason saves (42), games (96) and earned run average (0.70).

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