Should Philadelphia Phillies’ Cliff Lee Be Announcing Future Plans?

By Rebekah Milsted
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Last night was Cliff Lee’s final start of the season. He was in the same boat as Cole Hamels, having a good season but not getting as many wins as he should have. The Philadelphia Phillies, once again, did not give him any run support and they fell to The Atlanta Braves 1-0. After the game, Lee made an announcement about retirement. Was it the best decision?

Lee had said that after his contract was done in 2015, he would retire. He is running out of opportunities, and he wants to start winning. Those words are true, as he always does give the Phillies the best chance to win every fifth day. It isn’t his fault that the offense can’t score runs. He is also getting older, and his arm is going to run out of juice.

These words may have been spoken too early, however, as people may take them the wrong way. They may believe he is just counting down the days until his contract is done, and it may seem as if he has had enough.

This seaosn, Lee had a record of 14-8, an ERA of 2.87 in 31 starts, and he struck out 222 batters. He was the most reliable in the rotation, as he always is. He never let the team down, they just let him down.

In my opinion, announcing retirement two years early is nothing to worry about. Its two years away. Lee is going to come back next year and be the same pitcher. He is going to want to be a part of a winning team and win a World Series before he ends his career.

Every baseball player makes a mistake sometime in his career. Announcing this retirement could have been Lee’s mistake, but only time will tell.

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