5 Reasons Why St. Louis Cardinals Won’t Win the 2013 World Series

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5 Reasons Why St. Louis Cardinals Won't Win the 2013 World Series

5 Reasons
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It’s the end of September. The leaves are changing colors and playoff baseball is in the air. You can hear the sound of fans fingernails being bitten off from nerves and fans calling in to radio stations criticizing every call that their favorite teams’ coaches are making.

If you are a St. Louis Cardinals fan, you know exactly what I am talking about. This season has been filled with many ups and downs. The injuries to key players at terrible times did not help this team out. Many times during the season, the Cardinals looked dazed and confused, and then other times they looked like no one could stop them.

Yes, I know – the season is so long that every team in MLB can say that these things happened to them. However, not all the teams in MLB are favored to win their division or be contenders for the World Series like the St. Louis Cardinals are every season.

The Cardinals achieved their first goal and that was to win the NL Central Division crown. This did not come easy, especially with a charging Cincinnati Reds team and a shocking Pittsburgh Pirates team either ahead of them or causing them problems all season long.

In that same vein, I do not believe that the 2013 St. Louis Cardinals will win the World Series. This is going to be upsetting for many Cardinals fans to read, but it is true. There are five major reasons why I feel this team just won’t do it. Believe it or not, but these numbers and reasons do not lie. They are not biased. If you are a fan of the Atlanta Braves, Los Angeles Dodgers, Reds, or Pirates you will like what I have to say here. If you are a Cardinals fan, read it, be upset, but when it is all said and done, these five reasons will be at the root of the Cardinals' downfall in the 2013 MLB postseason.

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Record Against Pittsburgh Pirates Was Bad

Pirates record
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The laughing stock of the major leagues over the last 20 seasons has been the Pittsburgh Pirates. This team has been terrible and many of their fans had no idea that baseball was even played during Pittsburgh Steelers’ season. However, this has all changed in 2013. The Pirates are one game away from possibly playing the Cardinals in the first round of the playoffs. This is NOT something the Cardinals want to see. The Cardinals’ record against the Pirates this season was 9-10. In the last week of July-first day of August, the Pirates played the Cardinals in an important five game series. The Cardinals lost the first four games of this series by scores of 9-2, 2-1, 6-0, and 5-4. They did manage to win the last game of this season, but that series sent a message to the Cardinals: Avoid Pittsburgh at all cost!

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St. Louis Lost 3-4 in Their Last Series Against Reds

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Division rivals are always bad news for teams when in a playoff battle. The Reds, like the Pirates, can be one game away from playing the Cardinals in the first round of the playoffs. The Cardinals did win the season series against the Reds, however, during the last series between these two teams the Reds sent a message. The Cardinals could not generate any offense (except for the single 5-4 win in the series) against the Reds. In the three games the Reds won, they outscored the Cardinals 14-4! If these two teams meet up in the playoffs, it may be very difficult for the Cardinals to forget this. I think the Reds will have no problem reminding them about that series.

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No Distinct Power Threat

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The last time the Cardinals were in the World Series, they had one of the best hitters in the major leagues leading their lineup. That player was Albert Pujols. He now puts on a Los Angeles Angels jersey and cannot help this offense during the playoff push. The Cardinals will finish this season ranked 13th out of 15 NL teams in home runs. The other teams in the NL playoffs are ranked one (Braves), four (Pirates), seventh (Reds), and tenth (Dodgers). I know power in a lineup is not everything, but if your team cannot come up with a clutch home run or two when it is needed during a playoff series, it could be the difference between playing in October and sitting on the couch watching the games.

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Team ERA is Highest Among NL Playoff Contenders

Team ERA
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The one thing that will never change about the MLB playoffs is that pitching is the most important aspect of your team. I don’t care what era of baseball your team is playing in, pitching wins championships. For the Cardinals, this has been a troubling problem for them most of the year. The team is currently ranked as having the highest ERA amongst NL playoffs contenders. With a team whose power numbers are low, having a pitching staff with a high ERA does will not spell many series victories in October.

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Chris Carpenter Out for Rest of Season

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Clayon Kershaw, Johnny Cueto, A.J. Burnett/Francisco Liriano, and Kris Medlen/Mike Minor all have one thing in common: They are go-to pitchers for their respective playoff teams. The St. Louis Cardinals’ ace, Chris Carpenter will not play the rest of this season. This spells trouble for a team that has the highest ERA amongst playoff teams in the NL. Carpenter has been the rock in this rotation, and if he is not there to help his Cardinals their chances of winning the World Series shrink greatly. Pitching can make the difference between winning and losing a series, and the Cardinals are not strong in this area at all.


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  • Zach

    I was expecting to read a well thought out assessment of why the Cardinals were not going to win the World Series. While I’m not necessarily saying the Cardinals are going to win the World Series, most of the 5 reasons you give here and preposterous.

    First, you say the Cardinals don’t want to play the Bucs because they played poorly against them this season. While a lot of us don’t want to play the Pirates in the NLDS, we didn’t play as poorly against the Pirates as so many people think. Yes, the Pirates did shut us out four times and took the season series, but the Pirates are 3-6 at Busch Stadium and the Cardinals are 3-7 at PNC Park.

    You stated that the Cardinals lost four out of five in an “important” series at the beginning of August, but looking back now, why would you still think it was an important series? The Cardinals were still able to overcome those painful losses and capture the NL Central crown. Two of those games back in August were decided by one run and one game went into extra innings. Overall, five games between the two clubs came down to a difference of two runs or less.

    In your next slide, you say that because the Cardinals lost three games out of four to Cincinnati at the beginning of September that the Cardinals won’t make it past the Reds. By your logic, you should be saying that because the Cardinals swept the Pirates a week later that the Pirates should lose to the Cardinals. Yet you say the Pirates will beat the Cardinals because of a five game series that occurred at the beginning of August.

    You go on to say that while the Cardinals won the season series against the Reds that the Reds will still win because the Cardinals struggled against them a few weeks ago and only mustered 4 runs the entire four game series. That is the only series the Reds won against the Cardinals. The Cardinals played five other series against the Reds and won all of those 2-1. Why does that series have more importance than the other five played? The series that occurred after the Pirates won the five game set 4-1, the Cardinals outscored the Reds 31-13. Why does a 14-4 series hold more precedence than an offensive explosion from another? It seems as though you’re only picking and choosing the series that work in your favor to drum up reasons why the Cardinals won’t make it to the World Series.

    In your next slide you say the Cardinals won’t win because they’re not power hitters. While this is true, and they rank fairly low with home runs, they still have the third highest number of runs scored this season with only Boston and Detroit beating them out respectively. Cincinnati is 11th, Atlanta is 13th, LA is 17th and Pittsburgh is 20th. While the Braves may have the most amount of home runs, the Cardinals have scored more runs this season. Home plate doesn’t discriminate. A run is a run, whether it come from a home run, a single, a double, a triple, a steal or a walk.

    The only one I agree with is that the Cardinals have the worst ERA out of all the other NL teams. This is true, but it’s not like the Cardinals have a horrible ERA. Their ERA is the 5th lowest in all of the majors, and the difference between AtL who is first in the majors and the Cardinals is less than a quarter of a point. This isn’t a large margin.

    Your last reason says the Cardinals won’t win the World Series because they are missing Chris Carpenter. While it would be great to have him as a pitcher this season, we haven’t had him all year and yet we’re tied for the best record in baseball. Adam Wainwright is the pitching leader of this team, and it shows. I don’t know why you would dismiss the Cardinals as being able to win the World Series because Chris Carpenter, whom we haven’t had all season, is out. The Cardinals didn’t get to where they are now with him, why do they need him in the playoffs?

    You know, I can respect when someone brings up valid statistical arguments for why a team won’t win the World Series, but the problem here is none of your arguments hold up. I know a team can look great on paper, and fumble in the playoffs, and I’m not saying the Cardinals are going to win the World Series, but this article lacks logic and only pushes a lacking agenda. You raise only certain points to make your case, while ignoring other things that counteract your reasonings. The bias here is evident.