Atlanta Braves' Coach Terry Pendleton's Reaction Shows Old-School Passion

By Adam Krentz
Mark J Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday night’s game was an exciting one with huge implications, and while there weren’t any literal fireworks after the game like on Friday night, there was one explosion in the dugout. As  Chris Johnson made his way into the dugout, things got heated when he threw his helmet, which hit Atlanta Braves’ coach Terry Pendleton who took exception to the accident.

Pendleton’s reaction has caused a pretty big stir amongst Braves fans with many taking sides on the matter. Many fans claim that putting your hands on a player ever is completely unacceptable and want Pendleton gone immediately, but such reactions are overboard. The politically correct nature of our modern society loves to ensure that every person stays within the boundaries of what they’ve determined to be “right” in this world.

Fortunately, athletes seem to have a knack for avoiding the mental toxicity of the politically correct agenda. Whether it’s because they’ve grown up in the “real world” where life is a little too hard to worry about who said something mean to somebody and who touched somebody else a little too aggressively or because the team environment promotes a thick skinned quality, it’s nice to know not everyone is a poster boy for the social police.

While I never like to see members of the same team quarrel, I don’t mind Pendleton’s actions. It shows he cares and it lets me know that through all the poker faces and words left unsaid, the players and coaches of this team passionately care about playing the game as hard as they can and doing it the right way.

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