Atlanta Braves Will Have Strong Advantage Against Los Angeles Dodgers in NLDS

By Adam Krentz
Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Braves finished the season strong with a 17 hit, 12 run rout of the Philadelphia Phillies, and if that wasn’t a good sign then I don’t know what is. It’s been a rough September, but it’s finally over. And the with a good series win over the Phillies, the Braves will be rolling into the playoffs on top.

The Chicago Cubs proved to be absolutely worthless to Atlanta in the race for the top seed in the NL as the St. Louis Cardinals swept them with ease so that means there’s no guarantees on where the Braves will be playing in the NLCS. With that said, the Los Angeles Dodgers will travel to Atlanta for the NLDS in a game where the Braves have the advantage.

While the Dodgers have a pitching staff superior to every team in the NL, they haven’t been very good at winning games of late. In fact, they have a 12 – 14 record in the month of September, which makes them worse than the Braves. Even more important is that they haven’t finished the final week strong either, losing the last three of four (with one game pending).

Most important, though, is the home-field advantage. The Braves have the best record in the MLB at home, and the last time Los Angeles ventured into Atlanta they were promptly swept. Clayton Kershaw and Zach Greinke will be tough, but they are human and Atlanta’s pitchers are outstanding as well.

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