Boston Red Sox: Starting Jacoby Ellsbury In Season Finale Was An Unneccessary Risk For The Team

By Will Gellman
Jacoby Ellsbury
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The Boston Red Sox wrapped up their regular season schedule today against the Baltimore Orioles with an eye toward the postseason.  With that in mind, the team chose to rest many starters who will have a chance to make significant contributions in the playoffs.

They scratched John Lackey from his scheduled start while benching key position players like Dustin Pedroia and Daniel Nava among others.

Given the fact that the game was totally meaningless for Boston, there is one player that definitely should not have been out there today.  That player is Jacoby Ellsbury.  Anyone that is familiar with his injury history knows that he can go down at any moment in a game.

As a matter of fact, he was involved in a play today where not him, but slugger Chris Davis was injured after jamming his wrist into Jacoby’s midsection.  Ellsbury was also hit in the back on a throw by catcher Steve Clevenger.

While he was not hurt in this particular case, it should serve as a reminder that he has had his fair share of bad-luck injuries.  He should be rested as much as possible heading into the postseason because of this.

Losing a player of his caliber to an injury when you need him in the playoffs is an unnecessary risk to face. If Lackey and Pedroia were worthy of rest prior to the start of the playoffs, then surely a guy who has a fractured foot that is not yet fully healed should be too, right?  Although nothing happened in terms of an injury to Ellsbury in this game, it was still not a smart move by the organization to let him play.

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