Miami Marlins Ride No-Hitter to Point Proving Sweep of Detroit Tigers

By David Miller
Miami Marlins
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

One main goal that the Miami Marlins stated that they had going into the final month of the season was that they wanted to avoid losing 100 games this year. Unfortunately they did lose 100 games but they also won 62. Having to face the American League Central champion Detroit Tigers in the final three games of the season certainly looked like a daunting task. The final three wins of their 62 for the season however came in a massively important sweep that ended with a stellar no-hitter in the season’s final game.

As indifferent as the fans of the Tigers might be to losing three games against the Marlins, I guarantee you it matters to the Marlins and their fans. Sure, they lost 100 games but they did not lose 101. They swept a team that is very good even in a weakened state and proved that their 2014 is going to be a bright one for more reasons than just Jose Fernandez. He after all was shut down a couple of weeks ago and the Marlins were still able to mow through this line-up and win three in a row.

Nothing could be more impressive for this team. It should give them plenty of confidence going into next season. It should give Matt Redmond at least another two seasons to prove he can win with this team. When they break camp in spring training 2014, the Marlins will have at least three or four starting pitchers that will give them plenty of chances to upset a lot of good teams. They lost 100 games this season but I would be willing to bet they win 75 – 80 games next season.

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