Minnesota Twins Rumors: Ron Gardenhire Better With Twins than Mariners

By David Miller
Ron Gardenhire
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Twins are many things but they do seem at least to be loyal. Their manager has remained the same for a very long time now. This season however there have been some rumors that Ron Gardenhire could be on his way out the door. As the season ended in another losing campaign, those rumors have actually began to swing back the other direction. Now it appears possible that Gardenhire will be able to sign an extension with the Twins. That would be great news for him because the other team that is ready to hire him is the Seattle Mariners.

I mean no disrespect for the franchise or the team of the Mariners but Gardenhire doesn’t want anything to do with those guys. Eric Wedge is getting canned this season when the culprit behind the rotten parts of the team, if anyone is, is the newly extended GM. Gardenhire would be stepping into a mud hole for sure on that one. Hopefully the Twins are indeed planning to re-sign him. There are problems in Minnesota of course but at least they have a strong farm system and decent management.

Whether or not the Twins are able to put a winner on the field will likely have a lot more to do with their money shortage and inability to afford big money free agents. Gardenhire has worked with that before and he can certainly do so again, especially with the talented kids they have coming up at a record pace year after year. I have little doubt of where Gardenhire wants to be. Surely the Twins will feel the same way and bring Gardenhire back for a few more years.

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