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5 Things The Detroit Tigers Need To Fix For October

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5 Things The Detroit Tigers Need To Fix For October

Steve Mitchell- USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Tigers are the very definition of backing your way into the playoffs. Recent weeks there has been a struggle to get a consistent level of play from mainly two key areas which are the offense and the bullpen. Those struggles have caused the Tigers to have to board a plane heading west as they take on an Oakland Athletics team that embarrassed them in Detroit last mont. If certain things don't change, they may find history repeating itself in October.

Things seem to have a way of changing quicker when the games matter. So fans can at least hold on to the hope because without any change, this Tigers team is not going to come away with the World Series Championship that the fans are hungry for. This team currently resembles the one that couldn't score a run in last year's World Series, falling victim to being swept in a series of close, low scoring games. The Tigers are not built for close, low run games because their bullpen needs a little space to breath, it is like me in pants it doesn't want to be forced in tightly it needs to be given a little room, a little space.

Now take that visual out of your head (I know that will be difficult). Another visual that will be difficult to get out of your head is the last few weeks of play from the Tigers. Like I said earlier, things have a way of changing fast in October and it could be the Tigers again who both benefit and get hurt by that fact. Here are the five things the Tigers can do to fix this team into an October winner instead of an October loser.

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No. 5 Get Bench Contribution

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We have seen recently just how bad this bench is. While we aren't asking the bench to be main producers like the great philosopher Jessica Simpson once said, a little bit can go a long way. Just a little production could be huge for this team. I'll stop posting Jessica Simpson songs.

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No. 4 Better Bullpen Production

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The bullpen was looking strong for a brief stretch but then it hit it's wall like it always seems to do. Drew Smyly must get back to the level he was in the first half and Al Albuquerque needs to step up with the uncertainty of Bruce Rondon's injury.

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No. 3 Jim Leyland Manage Better Kinda

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It's easy to blame Jim Leyland for the teams troubles but the players do need to step up for themselves. That being said, it couldn't hurt anyone if Jim Leyland maybe read a managing book or understood what a bullpen telephone is.

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No. 2 Get Justin Verlander Back

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Where has Justin Verlander been? The guy who has been parading around in his jersey clearly isn't him. He has shown glimpses recently and Jim Leyland is going to use him in the front of the rotation anyway because he doesn't remember anything from this past season so it would help if Verlander became Verlander again.

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No. 1 Get Miguel Cabrera Back

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It's weird saying there is something wrong with Miguel Cabrera because there isn't but one home run in a month and seven RBI's in September is not the guy who is almost Terminator like. The Tigers need their Terminator back. He'll be back. I'll go back to Jessica Simpson songs.