Los Angeles Angels: Josh Hamilton’s Hat Tip a Sad Commentary on His Career

Josh Hamilton

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The Los Angeles Angels‘ season was over long before lost their final game of 2013 to the Texas Rangers  on Sunday. Not even Mike Trout‘s heroic efforts could pull the Halos to .500, a small accomplishment that still would have been a big disappointment for a team considered by many to be World Series favorites on Opening Day.

But Josh Hamilton may have hit a personal nadir when those in attendance at Arlington rained down a stream of boos on the former Rangers star, indicating that for at least those fans, Hamilton’s lifetime .227 postseason batting average while playing for Texas will earn him an acrimonious greeting every time he sets foot in the ballpark.

Hamilton’s reaction, however, made the situation even more pathetic — he tipped his cap, thereby causing a fresh wave of delighted booing as Rangers fans reveled in the fact that Hamilton was slumping for a different team while theirs was headed for the playoffs.

It would be one thing if Hamilton were Mariano RiveraDerek Jeter or another iconic franchise player, even if he had switched teams after a long, illustrious career in Texas. But he didn’t — he had a few very good seasons for the Rangers and was consistently terrible in the playoffs.

Adding insult to injury, his substance abuse issues delayed his Texas debut by several years, and the Rangers showed a great deal of faith by sticking with him through thick and thin.

It’s great that Hamilton seems to be lighthearted in the face of his struggles, but this is taking it to a whole new level. In the offseason, he should focus less on tipping his cap and more on hitting the batting cage so he might get his average above .250 next year. Just a thought.

Tony Baker is a Los Angeles Angels writer for Rant Sports. You can follow him on Twitter at @tonloc_baker and on Google.

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  • Robert Eichhorn

    The Rangers showed great faith in him? No, that was the Tampa Bay Rays (or Devil Rays).
    Josh Hamilton was with the Devil Rays at the time of his substance abuse issues, and he made his Major League debut as a member of the Cincinnati Reds. The Rangers got him in a trade for Edinson Volquez. Other than 1 or 2 incidents that occurred during the off-season, what exactly did he do that tested the Rangers’ patience? Yeah, he needed someone to help keep him accountable. That takes a lot of guts to admit and shows commitment to staying on track. Players slump. Do they think he did it on purpose?
    The hat tip was more of sad commentary on Rangers’ fans. He led their team to heights they’d never seen before, and they turned on him before he even filed for free agency last winter. It was all Hamilton’s fault, huh? How far did they get without him?
    Yeah, it was a disappointing 1st season. Bad signing? Maybe. Bad guy? No. Hopefully next year goes better. We’ll see. Angels have him for four more years so they’ll have to make the best of it. Pitching was more the issue for the Angels in 2013 than Hamilton or as it was in 2012 more than Pujols’ struggles.

  • PoliticoSporto

    Whatever dude.. Did TAMPA show faith by turning him out after drugs? Nope. It was Texas that setup a safety net and coddled him only to have him give up and insult the fans for his quitting on the team. Sad testament to the Texas fans? I’m sorry, i guess we were supposed to take the insults in stride.

  • robert hagerty

    The Rangers did NOT make the playoffs, idiot.They tied for a playoff spot and lost that play-in game.