Milwaukee Brewers Award: Who Should be Given MVP for 2013?

By Michael Terrill
Milwaukee Brewers Award Who Should be Given MVP for 2013
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The season is over and the Milwaukee Brewers are once again not in the playoffs. It was certainly a bizarre year that saw numerous injuries and a forgettable scandal hit the fan. The good news is it is time to look ahead to next year. Before we can do that though, we must declare Milwaukee’s Most Valuable Player for the 2013 MLB season.

Many fans may be quick to point out that shortstop Jean Segura is the team’s MVP. I would have to disagree even though he was very good in his first full year in the majors. The player that I believe deserves to be named the MVP for the Brewers this season is center fielder Carlos Gomez.

There is a good chance Gomez will take home Most Improved Player as well because he posted the best season of his career. He was outstanding at the plate and consistently made jaw-dropping catches in center field. Whether he was playing offense or defense, Gomez always seemed to make a difference for the ball club.

Gomez posted a .284 batting average, 24 home runs, 73 RBI, 27 doubles, 10 triples, 80 runs, 40 stolen bases and a .338 on-base percentage in 536 at-bats.

I understand that Segura recorded a better batting average (.294), more stolen bases (44) and far less strikeouts (84 compared to Gomez’s 146) in more at-bats (588). However, there are other statistics that come into play besides the basics.

For instance, Gomez had 8.4 wins above replacement compared to Segura’s 4.0. WAR is a way to measure how many more wins a specific player contributed to his team compared to what a replacement player would have accomplished. Gomez’s 8.4 WAR ranked third in all of baseball and second in the National League. Not to mention, his 4.6 Defensive WAR gave him a finish of second in MLB. It was certainly not bad for a player who had a career-high 2.1 WAR prior to the start of the 2013 season.

Gomez also recorded 271 total bases, 61 extra-base hits and had a 30.0 power-speed number, which ranked first in all of baseball. A power-speed number is basically a way to show how a particular player excelled in hitting home runs as well as stealing bases.

Another way to decide who the more productive performer was in 2013 is to look at Gomez and Segura’s clutch statistics. Gomez’s .236 batting average was horrendous from the seventh inning on compared to Segura’s .305 batting average. With that being said, he delivered power and knocked in runs when it mattered most. His eight homers, 20 RBI and .455 slugging percentage far outweighed that of Segura’s dismal power numbers in the same situation.

There is no question Segura posted one of the best seasons in franchise history for a player that suited up for their first full season. He is certainly someone the Brewers are fortunate to have on their roster. However, Gomez showed the entire league what he is capable of accomplishing when he is running on all cylinders. Hopefully, both players will be able to build off their incredible performances and help propel Milwaukee into the postseason in 2014.

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