MLB Game 163: David DeJesus Went From Worst-to-First

By Devin O'Barr
David DeJesus
Noah K. Murray – USA TODAY sports
It’s strange to think that David DeJesus spent over half of the 2013 season with the lowly Chicago Cubs, and now he’s playing in MLBs 163rd Game for the 91-win Tampa Bay Rays. The Cubs actually dealt DeJesus to the Washington Nationals in August — another team that missed the playoffs — so it’s safe to say that DeJesus was incredibly lucky to wind up playing for the Joe Maddon-led Rays.

MLB players always speak about the thrill they get when playing in a pennant race, and DeJesus couldn’t be happier about leaving the Windy City and the National’s Capital for St. Petersburg. Keep in mind that Chicago lost 14 of its last 18 games and the Nationals were denied of the postseason, despite being a team that dominated the off-season chatter.

Even if the Rays get bounced before the 2013 MLB Postseason begins, DeJesus will still be able to say he played in a playoff-like atmosphere this fall, which is something that neither the Nationals nor the Cubs can say. Although DeJesus didn’t get the start against the Texas Rangers on Monday, he continues to be a big bat for the Rays as he has knocked in 10 runs since joining Tampa Bay in late August.


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