Did Ron Gardenhire Deserve Contract Extension From Minnesota Twins?

By Michael Terrill
Did Ron Gardenhire Deserve Contract Extension From Minnesota Twins
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Apparently, having three consecutive 90 plus loss seasons in a row is good enough to get a two-year contract extension. At least, that is what the Minnesota Twins believe.

Obviously, the Twins organization has lost their marbles. I understand that it was only three years ago that Gardenhire was voted American League Manager of the Year. I get that he has managed the team to six division titles. However, the team is clearly not buying whatever he is selling. To have 99, 96 and 96 losses in three straight seasons is absolutely ridiculous.

“This is a good day for this organization,” general manager Terry Ryan said, according to MinnesotaTwins.com. “Jim, Dave and I got together and made a decision over the weekend. We offered Ron the extension, and he accepted. We’re happy for that. He’s a very good manager. We’ve had a lot of success in this organization. We’ve fallen on some hard times, there’s no doubt about that. Nobody’s pretending that everything has gone well the last three years, frankly. We need to clean it up, and we think we have the right man in-house to do that, and I’m very happy he’s decided to come back.”

The good news is management knows that the product they have put on the field the last three seasons has been a disgrace. The only question I have is why do they think Gardenhire is going to be able to clean it up? He had three chances and failed to do so.

I am not saying the second-longest current tenured manager is bad at his job. There is no question the Twins have had plenty of success with him leading the charge. Unfortunately, in sports it is not what a person did in the past but more of what they have done lately. Gardenhire has combined for 291 losses since his last postseason appearance. Lately, he has simply not got the job done.

It will certainly be an impressive feat if Gardenhire and the organization are able to right the ship in 2014. However, if the Twins post another 96-loss season, then what?

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