Houston Astros Rumors: Higher 2014 Payroll Will be Perfect Next Step

By David Miller
Paul Clemens
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

However bad the win loss record was for the Houston Astros for the 2013 regular season, they still have as much buzz as anyone coming during the fast approaching off-season. What is happening with this franchise is something that will be recorded and repeated by other rebuilding and brand new franchises over the future season in Major League Baseball. The first step was to build an incredibly strong organization. The next was to hire the right manager and office staff. The next step will be a higher payroll.

You read that correctly. The rumor is that the payroll will be higher during the 2014 season as they plan to bring in a few free agents to help out in various areas. This could not be any better of a next step for these guys. They are doing things the absolute right way. It doesn’t mean they will win next season but they will win more games next season you can almost guarantee it. The groundwork is being laid and the higher payroll will help them build a winning team one season at a time.

Before long they will find their own stars from their organization and the right few free agents and begin threatening 100 wins instead of 100 losses each season. The change is happening and the news of a higher payroll could not be any better for this franchise. The men in charge obviously know what their plan is. Unlike the Miami Marlins who plan to have the same low payroll every season and do the best they can, this team is going to build a winner in the best way they can.

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