Philadelphia Phillies Rumors: Jamie Moyer Should Replace Rich Dubee

By Marilee Gallagher
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Not even a week after the season ended, the Philadelphia Phillies made the announcement that the organization would not be renewing the contract of pitching coach Rich Dubee. Dubee held the role for nine years but according to a statement from Ruben Amaro Jr., the team is going in a new direction and that now is the time for change.

Is it possible that change could be in the form of 50-year-old Jamie Moyer?

Let’s just entertain the possibility for a moment. Moyer, who won his one and only World Series ring with this very organization, is a Sellersville, PA boy born and raised and a St. Joe’s University graduate. A forever Phillies fan, perhaps Moyer’s most memorable story was that he cut class in high school to watch the 1980 championship.

In 2008, he wasn’t cutting anything to see that parade. In fact, with his team-high 16 wins, Moyer was an instrumental reason as to why there was a parade in the first place.

Additionally, Moyer has pitched for 25 years and while he has not yet officially retired, perhaps a job as a team’s pitching coach would lure him out of the idea of returning to pitch until he is 60. He loves the game and can’t walk away, and this would be a great way for him to stay involved.

Not to mention, it is not as if the Phillies would be throwing him a bone. Moyer was an excellent pitcher in his heyday. He also has incredible wisdom and the young guys on this staff could stand to learn a lot from him. Some of them, namely Cole Hamels, already have.

Hamels was a 22-year-old kid who was an inexperienced pitcher and a top prospect when his relationship with Moyer began. The older pitcher took Hamels under his wing, but the relationship was more than just about pitching. Hamels credits Moyer for helping with his overall development, both off the field and on it.

As it turned out, with Moyer’s help and influence, this is exactly what Hamels was able to do. He has become one of the best lefties in the game and has a changeup that is lethal, and also has the ability to throw a curveball that most pitchers would die for. In a full circle moment, Hamels was given an award by the Moyer Foundation because of what he has done mentoring kids.

Now 29, Hamels’ days of being the student are probably over, but that doesn’t mean that guys like Jonathan Pettibone, Ethan Martin, Jesse Biddle, Adam Morgan, Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez and even Kyle Kendrick wouldn’t benefit from Moyer as a pitching/life coach. In fact, all of these young pitchers could really thrive under Moyer’s guidance the way Hamels did.

So while this idea may just be pure speculation, it really makes a lot of sense. If Moyer is interested, I definitely think the Phillies need to make a call and bring him in for an interview. He still has so much to give to the game of baseball and as a pitching coach, there really is no place better venue for Moyer to share his experience with young pitchers. He would be an asset, and any club would be lucky to have him.

Hopefully, that club can be the Phillies.

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