Steroid Users Should Be Banned From Playoff Baseball

By Aaron Charles
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

There are few punishments I would think are too harsh for a steroid user. What they do is not a victimless crime. Every player who plays the game by the rules is a victim. Nobody is going to cry a river for a professional athlete, but the fact is, steroid users steal millions from honest players with their inflated numbers.

In what other way could someone steal millions, or at the very least hundreds of thousands, and not get serious jail time? Just because they’re not physically taking the money, doesn’t make them any less of a thief. Tax evasion and insider trading garner lengthy prison terms, and so should cheating in professional sports.

In all likelihood, steroids gave some players who were towing the line a job in the majors, which, in turn, took the job from somebody else. Somebody’s lifelong dream, somebody’s big opportunity to show what they can do, stolen from them.

The 50-game bans are a joke. Is that really supposed to scare people from at least doing steroids until they get caught? They lose less than one third of a season for more money, more glory, and, ironically, more job security. Not being able to play for 50 games is a ridiculously small price to pay compared to the opportunities created with their puffed up numbers.

Unfortunately, it is highly unlikely that baseball players will get criminal charges for the money and dreams they steal, but the least the MLB could do is ban anyone who has used steroids from the postseason for good. It is a move in the right direction for cleaning up baseball. A 50 game ban isn’t going to scare anybody, but taking their dream of playing in the World Series could actually send a message.

These cheaters have justified using steroids in their heads in one way or the other. They don’t see themselves as the criminals they are. Yes, when they get caught they all make their prepared statements that they likely had next to no input in making. Statements in which they say how wrong and sorry they are, but in the majority of cases, are just sorry they got caught. The zero percent of active players admitting to using steroids before the heat is on, leads me to believe I’m correct here.

These people deserve no mercy, and the MLB has the power to take their hopes for postseason glory; it would be good preventative maintenance towards this problem. These cheaters need a much more significant reason not to do steroids than the weak suspensions that are in place now. All Major League players have had dreams of the World Series since they were young, and as soon as they disrespect the game, they deserve to have those dreams taken from them.

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