ALDS 2013: Detroit Tigers Have the Clear Edge

By Brent Smith
Rick Osentoski- USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Tigers have a clear edge over the Oakland Athletics in this short five-game ALDS series. Why would I make such a definitive statement such as that knowing how good the Oakland A’s have played all season and with the Tigers’ struggles on the road?

Because the Tigers have a tremendous advantage in the areas that truly count when the postseason rolls around.

Those advantages include a starting rotation that broke the single-season strikeout record, a rotation so deep that a pitcher who may have been a third or fourth starter on any other team named Rick Porcello has to come out of the bullpen. No one can match the rotation of the Tigers from top to bottom, and no one can match the big-game pitching experience that this staff has.

Each have won big playoff games in the past and each have pitched in the biggest of stages. The A’s got just the tiniest taste of that last season, but have nowhere near the experience, poise and sheer power that this Tigers rotation possesses.

Then you have Miguel Cabrera, who is a slugger about 10 times greater than any Oakland A’s hitter. That’s not a knock on the Oakland A’s — they have some great hitters, but Cabrera is not human. He is a cyborg sent to this planet to crush every single pitch out of a pitcher’s hand.

Not to mention, the veterans surrounding him in the lineup also have more experience than any Oakland A’s player, and have been put in these big situations for the majority of their lives.

The Tigers have the clear edge mainly because they spent the money to get the clear edge. The A’s have a history of doing things for less and we will see if that strategy pays off for them, but why do things for less when you can do things for more? The Tigers have bought themselves an edge, now can they use it?

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