Alex Rodriguez's 'Character' Shows Through Again, Reportedly Claims He Thought Biogenesis Substances Were Legal

By Andrew Fisher
Alex Rodriguez
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Alex Rodriguez, A-Fraud or A-Roid, whatever you prefer, isn’t going away quietly. The former slugger started his appeal hearing this week to try and overturn the 211-game suspension he received from MLB. A-Roid’s camp is arguing that the suspension is over the top and excessive, which might not be far from the truth. But can you really blame MLB for wanting to rid itself of a player that’s given the game a couple of nasty black eyes?

Of course, Rodriguez has said all along that he’s waiting for the whole truth to come out. It’s a classic line that many people accused of wrong-doing use. But when it comes to A-Fraud, does anybody really believe that there is more to the story? That he actually might be innocent in all of this?

Well, the former slugger and his attorneys have dreamed up quite the defense. Reports coming out of the appeal hearing are stating that the third baseman is claiming that he was duped by Biogenesis and its founder Tony Bosch. How you ask? Rodriguez is saying that he was under the impression that the substances he was taking, were legal.

So that’s why he was on a ‘secret customer’ list. Now I get it.

I suppose that Rodriguez is so deep into this whole fiasco that he’s just going to go down swinging. He’s past the point of just admitting he made some mistakes, he’s fighting this thing head on. But of course, he’s doing it in classic A-Fraud fashion.

True baseball fans can only hope that his large suspension is upheld and that the game will finally be rid of one of its all-time great cheaters. At the same time, fans should expect this appeal hearing to draw out over the next several months.


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