Chicago Cubs Want Joe Girardi, But Does He Want To Come To the Windy City?

By Andrew Fisher
Joe Girardi
Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Even before the Chicago Cubs fired Dale Sveum, speculation was running rampant that the team would pursue Joe Girardi. But when Sveum was axed on Monday after two seasons in the Windy City, the buzz got real. Now, the soon to be free agent coach could actually sign on to be the Cubs’ new skipper. But it has to be noted that Girardi isn’t technically a free agent until his contract comes up at the end of the month. The New York Yankees are going to get the first crack at signing him, or re-signing him in this particular case.

The Yankees want him back, but now there’s word that the Cub view him as a realistic candidate to fill their coaching vacancy. None of which, is really surprising at all. Of course the Yankees want him back and of course the Cubs would like to bring in a proven winner. The real question is – will Girardi want to take his talents to the lowly Cubs?

Just on the surface, it’s easy to say no way. Why would he go from the greatest franchise in the history of baseball, to one of the worst franchises in the history of baseball?

For most managers with track record like Girardi’s, the Cubs wouldn’t even be in consideration. However, the skipper does have a lot of history with the team and its city. Girardi played in Chicago from 1989-1992 an then again from 2000-2002. He’s also from Illinois and attended Northwestern University.

All of those facts are fine and dandy, but it’s still going to boil down to Girardi wanting to go back to the Windy City with the current set of circumstances that surround the Cubs. Those circumstances are that the Cubs are lousy. Girardi would have a big challenge on his hands to turn around a last-place team.

But even as crazy at it might seem, I believe the former Cub will strongly consider coming back home.


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