Oakland Athletics Rumors: Pence Contract is Nothing to Josh Donadlson

By David Miller
Josh donaldson
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Any time a Major League Baseball player performs well enough at any given time to have their name mentioned with the others in MVP competition; it says something about the value of that player. Obviously they would be considered one of the most valuable on the team in such a situation. Josh Donaldson finds himself in such a situation during and after the Oakland Athletics‘ 2013 season as a possible new contract is looming.

One of the major factors in this situation is the clear history that the Athletics have of not paying a ton of money to any of their players. Any time one of them grows to the point where they are at low-level superstar status, they usually sign somewhere else and get replaced by yet another good young player like they were a few years before. The way Donaldson is talking about wanting the credit he should get for the season he had, I don’t like his re-sign chances when free agency knocks at the door.

The worst of this situation however is that it appears the ridiculous Hunter Pence deal is being used by some agents as signing gold standard. It is nothing of the sort. To be perfectly honest and frank about it; just because the San Francisco Giants want to pay Pence way too much money doesn’t mean the A’s need to. Hopefully the A’s will have some measure of success and want to stick together as much as possible. That could lead Donaldson to accept less than what his agent will likely ask for.

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