Tigers vs. Athletics ALDS 2013: Miguel Cabrera is the Difference-Maker

By Brent Smith
Rick Osentoski- USA TODAY Sports

When Miguel Cabrera is off, the Detroit Tigers are off. It was proven in the final month of the season with Cabrera battling a whole host of injuries that made him walk around in a way I had not seen since my grandpa broke his hip a few years ago. It was painful watching Cabrera run around the bases, but it was even more painful seeing how badly that affected the Tigers’ offense.

With a week off, the Tigers and their fans are crossing their fingers hoping that somehow, the healthy, vibrant Cabrera returns; and if he does, then the Oakland Athletics should just get ready to pack their bags.

When Cabrera is on, he has the capability of dragging an entire team on his shoulders. If the Tigers get even a 90 percent healthy Cabrera, that is better than any other player in baseball and is enough to carry a lineup that has seen its fair share of struggles.

The Tigers cannot afford anything less than a producing Cabrera because no one else can carry the workload quite like he can. The health and effectiveness of Cabrera is going to be the difference-maker as to whether the Tigers can manage to get themselves into the next round of the playoffs.

Essentially, Cabrera could make the difference for either team in this series. He’s the name that keeps managers awake at all hours of the night, sweating and turning in their bed wondering what they can do? How can they stop something that is unstoppable? The only way the A’s can stop him is if his injuries stop himself. Otherwise, it’s going to be a long week for the Oakland A’s.

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