Tigers vs. Athletics ALDS 2013: Predicting the Winner

By Brent Smith
Rick Osentoski- USA TODAY Sports

Today, we reach deep into my crystal ball to predict the winner between the Detroit Tigers and Oakland Athletics in the 2013 ALDS.

Putting my bias aside, I really wanted to come up with a prediction that is balanced and logical. This is going to end up being one of the best matchups in the postseason because both teams have totally unique styles and philosophies, yet both manage to win consistently. It is a clash of two entirely different worlds and yet the competition is always so close.

On paper, the Tigers are the easy pick with the millions thrown into them, but you can’t forget the A’s home-field advantage, which is huge between two teams that are much better in their home ballpark, and the A’s magic that can’t be put on a stat line. You also have to keep in mind the A’s complete domination when they came into Detroit in August, and it was almost as if the A’s knew exactly what each pitch being thrown was.

I’m not saying anything, but if the Tigers decide to use new signs, I don’t blame them.

So who do I predict as the winner of this series? I truly believe this series will go four or five games either way, with each game except for maybe one all coming down to the wire. If you think about the starting rotation and the hitting, along with the backend of the bullpens, then you see that the stability is with the Tigers, and that is why I am picking them to win the series in four games.

It is a series that the Oakland A’s could easily find themselves winning however, but when making predictions, it’s usually best to go with the team that has the most stable pieces that you can more likely count on when the heat of the postseason is at a broil.  The Tigers have that experience, and thus should win this series.

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