Cincinnati Reds Rumors: Bringing Dusty Baker Back Makes the Most Sense

Rumors began to swirl from somewhere that Dusty Baker might be on his way out of Cincinnati Reds as their manager. Who knows where those things come from but they apparently were not true thank goodness. There are surely managers that could be proven both better and worse than Baker. There might even be one or two that are available this off-season that would be considered better by someone. That does not mean that the Reds should have considered firing Baker however and by all accounts, they didn’t.

Baker has managed for 20 season at the MLB level. Of those 20 seasons he only has had 7 teams that finished at less than .500 winning percentage. Three of those came within his first few seasons as a manager and two of them came as the skipper of the Chicago Cubs. Only six times has he finished less than third in the division. He has finished first 5 times and second place 6 times. One of the first place finishes was with the Cubs as well.

Take all of that as you will but if it proves anything at all, it proves that Baker knows his way as a manager and can do great things with teams that execute. Obviously his big guns didn’t get the job done in their one game playoff. You can believe that if it had been even a five game set, they would have gotten their bats going and Baker would have had something to do with it. There was no reason to question his ability to manage in the first place so they should never have even thought about firing him. As a matter of fact, they may as well go ahead and give him an extension because if it gets some better than Baker, it isn’t much.

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  • Rednut86

    It proves that Dusty has awesome GM’s but can’t win when it counts. You’re clearly not a reds fan. Dusty Baker is 0-9 in elimination games. Division titles and playoff appearances are cute for our 2010 team that hadn’t been to the post season in 15 years, but Cincinnati wants a championship and Baker as tried and failed to deliver. Last season losing three straight in Cincy, pissing away the last week of this season, blowing the cubs NLCS lead because of the “Bartman incident” and blowing a two game lead with the Giants in the WS. Good managers win those games, Larussa and Cox both did more with less in the same era.

    • David Miller Rant

      Now it comes out that they have fired him. I really don’t agree with it but the manager always gets the axe this day in time. The postseason is really extra in my opinion. Getting through the 162 games towards the top is a good manager’s job along with the players responsibility, IMO. They won’t do more next year than they would have done with him, IMO. Thanks for your comment and good points.

      • Rednut86

        In all fairness, Chicago and SF both had better records the year after he was let go. He wasn’t a motivator when it all was said and done. It’s like players just didn’t respond to him in big games.