Miami Marlins Have No Reason Not to Make Offer to Jose Abreu

By David Miller
Jose Abreu Miami Marlins
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It has been noted how small the Miami Marlins payroll will be for the 2014 season. It has also been noted how the Marlins are showing interest in hot free agent defector Jose Abreu. Abreu is someone that literally every team in MLB has looked at and at least several of them are really interested in. One of the more interested teams is the Marlins but there is doubt that they will do anything because of the lack of funds flowing from the owner.

Many Marlins fans have been irritated since the big sell of the free agents they had. That isn’t something I completely agree with but if they let a great chance like signing Abreu go by just because it might cost a little more money than they want to spend, it really will show just where this team is headed unless something changes. An owner either wants to win or doesn’t. This is the chance this guy has to prove he really does want to win.

There is no way that he could sell not signing this kid. He would potentially be able to contribute very early on and we can just look at superstar rookie Jose Fernandez to see what one hot player can do for a team like this. Unfortunately there is a very good chance that the Marlins are headed towards becoming a small market team that really spends little money on anything at all. For the sake of the fans of the Marlins and the Marlins players, here is hoping they can go get Abreu.

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