2013 NLDS: Atlanta Braves are Far From Finished in Division Series

By David Miller
Mike Minor
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Sometimes, as great as postseason Major League Baseball is, you just want to hit the mute button while watching it. The game broadcasters for the NLDS game 1 between the Atlanta Braves and Los Angeles Dodgers were very good but the post-game show was horrible, mostly Keith Olbermann was horrible. Every single thing that went wrong for the Braves was pointed out and dissected, but Olbermann nearly joked about it. The Atlanta Braves are not outmatched in this series and no matter the attitude (which is the key problem with this guy) of Olbermann. They’ll show up and play hard in game two.

What was pointed out was true enough. Evan Gattis did have one issue on the bases and one in the outfield. Elliot Johnson had no hits but they only had three off of the NL Cy Young guaranteed winner Clayton Kershaw. What was missed by everyone was the good at-bats the Braves put on Kershaw. He was over the 70 pitch mark in the fourth inning. For a team that strikes out a lot, that is a good sign. There were numerous bad luck plays that went against them but that isn’t the problem. My problem is the attitude that the Braves are outmatched here and that Dan Uggla was wrongly left off the roster.

First of all Johnson is better defensively than Uggla is and Andrelton Simmons could nearly play the two positions by himself so it matters not who is next to him. Johnson is a much better hitter than Uggla has been. The Braves cannot send him out there against three of the best pitchers in baseball hoping he’ll snap out of his season long funk. Gattis had one of the three hits off of Kershaw, as well as a walk so they can shut it about him as well.

Look, the Braves might lose this series; they might even get swept though I seriously doubt it. But just because they lost one game does not mean the entire series will be a joke. I hate the downgrading attitude that the Braves have to receive from the media dead-heads like Olbermann who has never been the same since he left the “Big Show” and got into politics. Make no mistake about it; this Braves team is not finished in this series. Olbermann is bound to eat a few words before this series is over for the Braves, win or lose.

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