2013 NLDS: St. Louis Cardinals Should Embrace Bully Role To Win

By Sara Lefebvre
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The St Louis Cardinals set a record for the most runs scored in one inning in an NLDS game (seven) on their way to victory in Game 1 against the Pittsburgh Pirates. They beat up on the Buccos, and they should just keep on doing so.

Every baseball fan who isn’t a Cardinals fan is rooting for the Pirates. They finally put a stop to 20 years of losing seasons, then made it into the postseason as the NL Wild Card team. They are a feel-good story, a Cinderella in waiting. They have a good-luck rubber ducky four stories tall floating around the three rivers area.

The Cardinals are the wicked stepmother in the story. Don’t worry, Cardinals. The postseason is not a popularity contest — it’s about winning a ring. Take Cinderella’s glass slipper and smash it to bits. Dump a bucket of ashes on her head. Cut down the Pirates’ masts and stomp on their Jolly Roger.

The Pirates went into the Cincinnati Reds‘ cozy ballpark for the final three games of the season and swept them. The Reds seemed to have the Pirates’ number all season, and they seemed to not take them seriously there at the end. They looked dazed and confused in the Wild Card game.

The Cardinals should not make that mistake. They know how dangerous a Wild Card team can be. They need to put their foot on the Pirates’ neck and not let them up and not let them think they can win even one game.

Send Cinderella home crying from the ball, and let her think about next year.

Sara Lefebvre is a St Louis Cardinals writer for RantSports.com. Connect with her on Google.

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