Detroit Tigers Starting Andy Dirks In Left Field Is Dangerous

By Brent Smith
Rick Osentoski- USA TODAY Sports

We know that the Detroit Tigers have very limited options when it comes to starting a left fielder. Even less now that Matt Tuiasosopo was left off the roster, although I am grateful that will be the last time I have to spell out his name in an article. Still, the move to put Andy Dirks as the starter is one that could come back to bite the Tigers as Dirks probably would be nothing more than a fifth outfielder on most teams’ rosters.

Sure, he has the ability to come up with a big fluke game here or there, and can play defense about as well as the other available options, but Dirks’ propensity to strike out, especially in situations that call for just making contact, is alarming.

Dirks always seemed to have the ability to get himself up to the plate with the bases loaded and a zero- or one-out situation where the Tigers just needed a run. “Just hit a sac fly,” you would plead to your television as your Mom looked at you concerned at your talking to a television. “Just hit the ball up in the air Dirks, and you will be a hero!”

Three swings in the dirt later and you were wondering if Brandon Inge had been reincarnated into the player that is Andy Dirks. But just as he infuriates you, he can do what he did in Kansas City having a five-hit game and being a huge part of the offense.

You know you are getting a rollercoaster with Dirks. Not that Jhonny Peralta would have been a picnic out in left field, but Peralta’s bat is far more consistent and dependable than that of Dirks. The Tigers are rolling the dice that the good Andy Dirks will show up, and Tigers fans are just going to hope that gamble pays off for a team in desperate need of offense.

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