Dusty Baker Lands in Unemployment Line Again, But He'll No Doubt Get Another Job

By Andrew Fisher

In somewhat shocking news from the world of baseball, Dusty Baker has been ‘let go’ by the Cincinnati Reds. His release comes just days after the Reds lost their one-game Wild Card matchup with the Pittsburgh Pirates. 2013 was no doubt another solid year for Baker as a manager, as he led the Reds to 90 wins. Unfortunately, he managed in the highly contested NL Central and the Reds ended up being one of three 90-win teams.

This marks the second time that Baker has been kicked to the curb in his managing career. The Chicago Cubs also let Baker go in 2006 after the team had slid all the way to last place in the division. But for the most part, his managing career has been a good one. He’s won manager of the year on two occasions and led a team to the World Series. So it’s not really a matter of if Baker will get another managing gig, it’s a matter of when.

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The last time he was let go, he took a year off. I wouldn’t be shocked if that was also the case this time around. It has to be incredibly disheartening to lead a team to 90 wins and the playoffs, only to get canned.

Is Dusty Baker a great manger? No. His career winning percentage is only .526. But that’s still good for 77th all-time. There’s no question he’s a really good manger, but yet he’s never been able to win the big one. My guess is that he’ll try to put himself in the best situation possible upon his return to the dugout and that he’ll give managing one last try before he walks away for good.


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