Michael Martinez Finally Out of Philadelphia Phillies Pinstripes

By Rebekah Milsted
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia Phillies‘ fans have been curious as to why utility player Michael Martinez has stayed in a Phillies uniform for as long as he did. He was doing little more than taking up space and barely got any playing time. And when he did hit the field it didn’t help the team.

Martinez played with the Phillies since 2011, and he filled in where he was needed as well as a pinch hitter with an average that never got to .200. Why would the Phillies keep him for three years? They easily could have spent money on someone more valuable and more productive. They also could have used the money on a reliable bullpen pitcher as they have a good amount of bench players.

In 40 at bats this season, Martinez only had seven hits. Sure it is hard to get hits when you aren’t seeing the ball every day, but he could still do better than seven. He did manage to produce three RBI which is surprising since his average was only .175.

Martinez did spend a lot his time down in the minor leagues. He would come up to the Phillies when the team needed someone because of an injury. It would have been nice if he performed up in the Majors as he did in the minors where his his average was way above .200. It’s a shame he couldn’t get over his rookie jitters.

The Phillies do not have to worry about this anymore. They have decided to outright Martinez from the 40-man roster in a move that should have been made way earlier. At least it is being done before the 2014 season begins.

Martinez could have been a good player, but he just couldn’t get it going. The Phillies have made the right choice with deciding to let him move on.

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