Arizona Diamondbacks: Aaron Hill In Line For A Big Year In 2014

By Randy Holt
Aaron Hill
Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

There are plenty of folks on the 2013 Arizona Diamondbacks roster that you could point to as a reason for their fizzling out in the second half and failure to make the postseason. Most of those folks reside on the pitching staff, as scoring runs wasn’t typically an issue for Arizona.

One player in the field that you could look at and say was a part of why the Diamondbacks failed to reach the postseason, though, is Aaron Hill. However, that’s not entirely his fault. Able to play in barely half of his games on the year, Hill needed a torrid stretch towards the end of the year in order to post solid numbers in the action that he did see.

Hill missed the beginning of the year with a broken hand, appearing in no May games, and only six in June. He had a hamstring injury toward the end of July, but it didn’t limit him. Nonetheless, the injury issues certainly derailed his season, with his August performance primarily responsible for his more than respectable numbers.

On the season, Hill posted a .291 average, which is about right in line with his career norms. He hit only 11 home runs and drove in just 41, but again, you’re talking about a guy that only appeared in 87 games for the Diamondbacks. And those numbers include a month of September where he hit only .227.

If there’s good news for the Diamondbacks regarding Hill, it’s that the hand injury that cost him so much time early on in the season, and wasn’t completely healed when he did return, will not require further surgery this winter. Which means he has the time to recuperate, rather than having to rehab a surgically repaired hand.

Which should put Hill in line for a big year in 2014. If he comes back healthy, there’s no question at all that he should return to his ways of at least a .300 average, 20-25 home runs, and around 80 knocked in, along with a much higher WAR than his 2.0 from 2013. He’ll be back in a big way for Arizona in 2014.

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