Houston Astros’ Sign Next Yasiel Puig In Bryan De La Cruz

Kelley L Cox – USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Astros have been busy in nearly every signing market. They began the international signing period with the largest bonus pool in the MLB, so the flexibility was there to grab some intriguing prospects. Since the year began, they’ve signed two Mexican League players in Leo Haras and Japhet Amador, and several players from the Dominican Republic and Venezuela, as well. But it was their most recent signing that may have the highest growth ceiling.

On Oct. 3, the Astros signed talented Dominican Republic outfielder Bryan De La Cruz for $170,000. Cruz is only 16 years old and already stands at a hulking 6-foot-2 and 175 pounds. Given that he’s only 16, he has tons of room to grow. The scouting report on Cruz is that he hits with tremendous power from the right side and his speed has been gradually increasing since the scouting period began. He was initially a short stop, but has since made the move to center field.

Obviously, it’s way too early to anoint him the next Yasiel Puig, but the potential is there, and from a size standpoint, he may grow to be even bigger than the Cuban defector while still maintaining his ever-increasing speed. He’s got six years to develop in an Astros’ system that has been producing some very positive results.

The only thing left to do now is wait and hope that Cruz’ raw talent can be honed into a machine. There’s no denying he’s got the skill set, he just has to refine it.

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  • Larry

    Well I hope the Astros will have a better 25 roster. If I was Bo Porter I would tell Chris Carter to start watching films how to hit more home runs like David Ortiz does. And learn more where the strike zone so he won’t strike out a lot like he did in 2013. Maybe the rest of the hitters can watch more hits. if John Mallee does what he did in 2013 he better get his hitters to hit more with runners on base & drive in more runs instead of striking out. So if the roster is going to be diffrent they will need to get runs early keep the lead.

    • Josh Sippie

      One thing I notice about Chris Carter is that his swing seems so lackadaisical. It looked like sometimes he just throws the bat out there and hopes for the best. He really needs some help improving in that regard….

      And the jury is still out on John Mallee. It’s too soon to blame him for the strikeout totals, but he needs to start making strides with these young players to fix the holes in their swings.

      • Larry

        Josh, I was hoping the Astros would got a better hitting coach but u never know things can happen before the spring tranining starts. But wish they had more power like they had with Biggio, Bagwell, Berkman, & Mosies Alou. But they need a good right fielder that has some power. I like Corey Hart.

        • Josh Sippie

          I actually just commented on another post that Hart was a pretty good candidate. Definitely a versatile player and coming off injury, could be bought for cheaper. And yes, we all miss the days of the killer B’s….