John Danks’ Drive to Succeed is Key to His Success in 2014

By David Miller
John Danks
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Anyone that saw a preseason interview with Chicago White Sox starting pitcher John Danks would know that he isn’t satisfied with the season he had once he was healthy in 2013. Not that he did that poorly but he wanted to come back to his best ever form and he just didn’t do that. His ERA was elevated a little bit but not terribly high compared to his career average but that wouldn’t satisfy Danks. He wants to earn every bit of his paycheck and help the White Sox dominate in 2014.

He does not seem to be the type of guy that can just go up to the mound and shut out everyone he faces. He is not a Chris Sale remake for sure. Sale is the ace of the staff but Danks most certainly could be a second starter or very successful third. The thing is that I doubt that matters to Danks at all. I doubt he really cares about his own record all that much. He seems the type that wants to know that he delivered the best chance for his team to win each time he went out.

Plain and simple, he didn’t do that in 2013. In all fairness he was coming back from injury and that surely messed with his preparation. I mean really who can have a great season that starts in extended spring training? Danks clearly isn’t one of those. He has already vocalized how great his desire for a great comeback season is and though he did not get there this season, he showed plenty of signs that he is well on his way. I for one will be cheering for him to get the job done to his satisfaction in 2014.

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