Matt Harvey Reluctantly Agrees To Tommy John Surgery, But Future is Still Bright

By Andrew Fisher
Matt Harvey
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

In news that New York Mets‘ fans will not want to hear, Matt Harvey has opted to undergo Tommy John surgery. The Ace had initially put off the procedure and vowed to be back on April 1st in 2014, but after more consultation, it appears surgery was the best option.

Reports are stating that team doctors and officials wanted him to get the surgery based on their conversations with Dr. James Andrews, but that Harvey was determined to beat his partially torn UCL with rehab. He embarked on a six to eight week program to avoid the surgery just two weeks back, but it’s obvious at this point the program wasn’t working.

Even if you’re not a Mets’ fan, this is sad news. Just as a fan of baseball I hate that one of its brightest young stars is now on the shelf for an entire year. The sport is in desperate need of new stars and Harvey had already reached a certain level of stardom after only one season of mowing down opposing hitters.

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For those people that criticized his initial decision to pass on surgery, I hope they can see at this point that he had nothing to lose by attempting rehab. Whether he waited eight weeks to get the surgery or two weeks, he was going to miss all of next season if he went under the knife. I applaud him for giving rehab a shot and trying to beat the diagnosis on his own.

Now the young Ace has no choice but to look towards the future. The harsh reality is that he won’t toe a rubber again until 2015, but given the results we’ve seen from other young pitchers that have had the infamous procedure, I believe Harvey will be just fine. It’s a shame that he’s going to miss an entire year, but there’s no doubt in my mind that he still has many good ones ahead of him.


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