NLDS 2013: Pittsburgh Pirates in Best Position of any N.L. Team

By David Miller
Francisco Liriano
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Pirates were probably the only group of people on Earth not worried when they got whipped in game one of their NLDS series against the St. Louis Cardinals. To a man they mentioned that it was probably good to go out and get the crud beat out of them. They seemed to know they would go out and win game two of the series. Of course we now know that they did just that. Now, with their rearranged starting rotation which is different because of the Wildcard playoff game, they find themselves in great position to win.

First of all they are going home to PNC Park and some of the most rowdy fans imaginable. The Cardinals won’t be shaken by the loud noise of course because they are way too well coached for that. The Pirates have proven that the crowd does amp them up and the starting pitcher for game three, Francisco Liriano is no exception. What he does that is so great is not let the excitement get him out of his game plan.

Considering they are going home with a split with Liriano on the mound, it is completely possible that they will have the Cardinals against the wall and have themselves able to clinch a NLCS berth in game four at home. The other NLDS series is basically up in the air but this one is not at this point. The Cardinals have to go in and claim the momentum back in game three if they hope to have a chance to win this series.

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