Detroit Tigers' Offense: Killing Postseason Chances

By Brent Smith
Kelley L. Cox- USA TODAY Sports

Seven runs in their last six games, zero runs in their last 17 innings. To say the Detroit Tigers offense is struggling would be like saying Amanda Bynes is just a little off. The Tigers’ offense is becoming a major problem and one that is causing them to lose critical games that they would usually win easily. Miguel Cabrera is only half of the player he used to be with his mounting injuries and inability to put full weight into his swing, Prince Fielder has pulled a Houdini and disappeared completely from any production. Austin Jackson has struck out more than me in a bar.

The problems are even more glaring considering how good this Tigers starting rotation is. This starting staff is pitching at such a dominating rate that it is become a travesty that it has to be associated with such a bunch of losers. Now calling them losers may be a bit harsh but the fact is if they want us to start respecting them, they need to show it in their play. These aren’t a bunch to feel sorry for; their pay is among the highest amount of any MLB offense and quite frankly, they are not earning it. You aren’t going to fault Miguel Cabrera because he is brave for even playing with the injuries he has, but the performance from the rest of the lineup is puzzling and unacceptable.

So as Detroit flies back home, their season is now in jeopardy for no other reason than the fact that they can’t seem to find a way to just get one simple run. Even bad offenses score runs sometimes right? Even a blind squirrel is supposed to find a nut eventually. The Tigers offense is still searching for that nut and time is running out pretty quickly.

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