Los Angeles Dodgers Rumors: Proposed David Price Trade Is Laughably Ridiculous

By Isaac Comelli
David Price
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Peter Gammons reported on his website a simply preposterous trade possibility between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Gammons said that the Rays might be considering the possibility of moving their star pitcher, David Price, during the upcoming offseason. With the prospect of that in mind, the Dodgers seem to be a natural team to initiate trade talks with, given their flippant spending habits as of late. According to Gammons, one Assistant GM with the Rays said “I could see a deal with (SS) Corey Seager, (OF) Joc Pederson, (17-year old LHP) Julio Urias and Chris Withrow” in exchange for Price. In response to this suggested trade, I say this Rays’ Assistant GM needs to go back to GM school and learn a few things.

Don’t get me wrong. David Price is a fantastic pitcher who any team, the Dodgers included, would love to have in their rotation. Price is only 27 years old and already has 71 wins and a career 3.19 ERA in six seasons. Although he struggled a bit this year, Price had a 2012 season for the ages in which he went 20-5 with a 2.56 ERA on his way to winning the Cy Young Award. Nevertheless, the Dodgers would be foolish to make this one-for-four trade as it stands.

You might have seen the talented, young Withrow pitch for the Dodgers this year. In his rookie season, Withrow has relieved in 26 games and boasts a 2.60 ERA while striking out 43 batters in only 34.2 innings pitched. Withrow has certainly been one of the bigger and most pleasant surprises for the Dodgers in 2013, but I am certain the team would not mind losing him for a solid player in return.

With Seager and Pederson being listed as the Dodgers’ number one and number two top prospects and young Urias being number four, giving up these four talented ball players would be an atrocity. Both Seager and Pederson have been moving up in the system quickly and have been performing at a high level in the minors. It will not be long before the Dodgers can expect to see either of them in the majors and, despite a bit of a logjam in the outfield, Pederson is a valuable piece with all of the aged veterans getting injured.

If a trade like this did go through, I would personally be extremely disappointed with the Dodgers’ management. Price is most certainly a great addition, but not at all costs. Blowing up the farm system to bring in one talented pitcher is not a great decision in the long run and the Dodgers would do better to tell Gammons and his Assistant GM friend to take a hike with a trade proposal like this one.

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