ALDS 2013: Detroit Tigers Must Pitch Max Scherzer Game 4

By Brent Smith
Kyle Terada- USA TODAY Sports

If the word desperation had a picture in the dictionary right now it would be the Detroit Tigers. With an offense that can’t hit and their backs completely up against the wall, it is time to pull out any magical trick up their sleeve. Now is the time to use the team’s biggest asset in Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander. Some will say only three games rest is not enough for a starter and that leaving Doug Fister will allow Scherzer full rest for Game 5, but now with nothing guaranteed the Tigers can’t afford to roll out anything less than their absolute best in Scherzer and Verlander.

Yes, Doug Fister is a good starter, but right now the Tigers are at the point where their offense can’t be trusted to win games so you need absolute shutdown starts in order to even give the team a chance. Not allowing your two big horses to roam free would always leave that question in fans’ minds whether they could have rode them past this series. Jim Leyland is very adverse to change and will likely not pull the trigger on this concept, but the Tigers need a spark if they are even going to survive another day. Learning Scherzer and Verlander will be taking the mound is the type of news a team can rally around and get themselves back to a feeling that they can climb this mountain now in front of them.

The Tigers can’t leave any bullets in the chamber. They have to take this opportunity to try the radical option of pitching Scherzer on short rest. The status quo has not gotten the Tigers very far in this series, and a shakeup is desperately needed if the Tigers want to continue playing the game of baseball this month.

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