It’s Okay for Milwaukee Brewers Fans to Root for Pittsburgh Pirates in Playoffs

By Michael Terrill
It’s Okay for Milwaukee Brewers Fans to Root for Pittsburgh Pirates in Playoffs
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2013 MLB regular season over a week old, fans of the Milwaukee Brewers are struggling to pass the time until the 2014 season. Obviously, watching the postseason is helpful. Unfortunately, it is also hurtful because it reminds fans of how far the Brewers have fallen from their 2011 NLCS berth. One way to get past the pain is to pick a team to root for in order to make the playoffs more enjoyable. And if there is one team that it is okay to support, it is the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Why is there no shame to cheer on Pittsburgh and hope they succeed to the World Series? I understand that the Pirates are a National League Central rival. However, the Pirates are basically the Brewers in many ways.

Milwaukee and Pittsburgh are both great baseball cities with a loyal fan base that has stuck with the team through the good times and the bad. Both franchises have seen their payroll sit towards the bottom of the majors for several years, but have built it up slowly to improve the team piece by piece. The Brewers and Pirates have molded their rosters through the farm system but have also acquired a few additions through free agency to get over the hump.

Milwaukee certainly endured a tough year in which the fans were never rewarded for their loyal attendance despite a poor record and a superstar who betrayed them. In fact, nobody thought an attendance of 2.5 million people would be possible without Ryan Braun suiting up. The hope is that they will be awarded a postseason berth next year.

For now, Milwaukee fans should watch the playoffs. And if anyone decides to root for a team make it the Pirates. If they do win it all, it will be the closest feeling Brewers fans will have to tasting victory.

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