Los Angeles Dodgers: Vin Scully Still Is The Master As He Calls The NLDS

By James Williams
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

I must say that despite being 85 years of age, Vin Scully is still is one of the best play-by-play men in the baseball business. I have enjoyed listening to him do the games during the NLDS between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Atlanta Braves both home and on the road. Teams can only do the radio broadcasts as the TV rights belong to TBS, Fox and the MLB Network for all playoffs and the World Series.

Scully does innings 1-3, Charlie Steiner and Rick Monday take over for innings 4-6, and then Scully finishes the radio duties from the 7th inning on. It is a combination that all Dodgers fans are too familiar with by this time.

For those counting this season marks the 64th year that Scully has been calling Dodgers baseball. He began at the age of 22 as the broadcast partner to Brooklyn Dodgers voice Red Barber in 1950. He was promoted to the voice of the team when they made the trip west in 1957 to Los Angeles.

Scully does not travel with the team outside games played with in the NL West during the regular season . However, he has made the choice to do all of the Dodgers radio games throughout the playoffs and as he hopes the World Series.

As most Dodgers fans know, during the regular season Scully does the first three innings on both TV and radio as the only broadcaster to simulcast his games. Once the fourth inning arrives Scully keeps on doing the TV while the radio duties fall to Charlie Steiner and Rick Monday.

Scully also works alone on his portion of the radio broadcasts weaving his wonderful stories and painting great word pictures to the radio audience. A year ago in an interview I asked Scully a question about the word homer. Did you ever get upset with some people who call you a homer? His response was classic Vin.

Scully: “I am a ‘rooter’. There is no doubt that I want the Dodgers to win every game. I pride myself on being honest with the listeners. When the Dodgers make a great play I will let tell them about. I will also let them know when a player on the other side makes a great play as well. “

If you are expecting to see Scully on TV doing the World Series on Fox if the Dodgers do make it to the World Series it is not going to happen. He has told everyone involved that his duty is to do Dodgers baseball on the radio. He told the LA Times: “I wouldn’t feel right, my job is with the Dodgers, I don’t want to intrude on the TV broadcast.”

The best news for baseball fans is that in 2014 as the Dodgers launch their new network with Time Warner, Scully will be there for his 65th year as the voice of the team. The new network will be all Dodgers, all the time, and that means classic Dodgers broadcasts with classic Scully broadcasts. His best calls could be appreciated by a new generation of fans, and that is great news for all baseball fans.

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