Should Jamie Moyer Be Philadelphia Phillies' Pitching Coach?

By Rebekah Milsted
Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Phillies decided to let go of longtime pitching coach Rich Dubee right after their season was over. With Ryne Sandberg taking over as manager, it shows that he is ready to go in a new direction. Many believe Sandberg should bring on former player Jamie Moyer as the pitching coach. Could this be a good decision?

Dubee was with the club for nine years. Sandberg is making a good choice by making a change. I am not sure if Moyer would be a good choice to replace him though. Sure, Moyer is an experienced pitcher. He had pitched for the Phillies from 2006 to 2010. He pitched decently, and never had an ERA under 3.50.

Moyer does have a lot of experience. He has been in the major leagues since 1986. He could bring something good to the Phillies. I just think the Phillies should go in a different direction.

Why would they want to go with someone who had played for them? Moyer was coached under Dubee. He may teach the pitchers what Dubee taught him even though he pitched for numerous teams before the Phillies, and he did go to the Colorado Rockies after. They need to bring someone new in with a completely new strategy.

Moyer could have his own technique as every pitcher does. However, I do think that pitching coaches leave an effect on those they coached. Dubee certainly helped develop Cole Hamels.

The Phillies need to bring a new eye in. They need to bring in a coach who can teach the pitchers something new. Something that can help them win.  In my opinion, Moyer is not that guy. He may be knowledgeable, but he was in the organization for too long. The Phillies need a fresh start in 2014.

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