Will Minnesota Twins’ Kyle Gibson be a Member of Starting Rotation in 2014?

By Michael Terrill
Will Minnesota Twins’ Kyle Gibson be a Member of Starting Rotation in 2014
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

There is no question the biggest improvement that has to be made in the offseason for the Minnesota Twins is the starting rotation. It was an area that held the team back, and until it is fixed, the Twins are going nowhere fast.

Minnesota will have to decide who on the team will remain in the rotation and who from the minors can be upgrade. After that, the Twins must then look to free agency to acquire a couple of starters to give the team a new look.

One player that I believe has the potential to win a spot in the starting rotation is right-handed pitcher Kyle Gibson. I understand the 25-year-old’s first stint in the majors was unsuccessful, mainly because he did not have control over his pitches. However, if Gibson can find his command in the offseason and pitch well in Spring Training, I believe he could be a welcomed addition to the rotation.

Many within the organization hoped that Gibson would be an asset right out of the gate. Unfortunately, it did not work out that way. Everyone knows that he has the stuff to be a great starter in the big leagues. However, he consistently was unable to locate his pitches, which is a big reason why many pitchers never pan out in the majors.

“He’s frustrated, but I think he knows what he needs to do to improve,” Minnesota manager Ron Gardenhire said, according to MinnesotaTwins.com. “His stuff is good and his sinker moves, but his command isn’t there yet.”

The fact is Gibson has a tremendous amount of upside, possibly the most of any pitcher in the farm system who is ready to make a splash in the big leagues. If he can improve his command over the next few months, I fully expect him to be competing for a starting job in 2014.

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