2013 ALDS: Detroit Tigers Bringing Back Jhonny Peralta Saves Season

By Brent Smith

The move to bring back Jhonny Peralta was heavily debated and many fans thought it was a terrible decision. It turns out that move is what has allowed the Detroit Tigers to fly back to Oakland for Game 5.

Sure, the feeling is awkward when cheering on a guy who cheated himself and the team, but the fact is Peralta has served his time for the baseball crime he has committed and now he is finding ways to make it up to the team he hurt badly by missing 50 games.

Peralta has been the most stable bat the last two games for this offense, which has been slower than Miguel Cabrera running to 1st base. Peralta’s power has always seemed to be a major factor in balancing a Tigers lineup that, without his presence, has been very top-heavy and unbalanced.

Even better for the Tigers is the fact that other than that stellar offense, he can also provide is his defense in the outfield. While admittedly not outstanding, it has been decent enough to make him an added benefit in the lineup over the likes of Andy Dirks and Don Kelly.

Too much blame is put on Jim Leyland and management when they make the wrong decision, so we have to at least throw them a bone when they make the right one. Peralta has been a huge addition to this playoff roster and without his presence, the Tigers would be hitting up the local golf courses rather than boarding a plane to the west coast.

Now if only Peralta can continue his recent play, the Tigers may find themselves one step closer to their ultimate goal of winning it all in 2013.

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