Detroit Tigers Fired Up After Grant Balfour's Classless Trash-Talking

By Connor Muldowney

Baseball is a very unpredictable sport. One game you can win big and the next game you can lose just as big. The season is long and that gives teams the opportunity to face the ups and downs that come with the roller coaster ride of 162 long games. The Oakland Athletics and Detroit Tigers made it past the regular season and are now doing battle in the ALDS.

The Athletics lead the five-game series over the Tigers 2-1 at the moment and face a huge Game 4 on Tuesday evening that could loom large if there is a Game 5. If the Tigers win tomorrow, that will give the team all the momentum heading into Game 5. In my opinion, Detroit will get that win and come out strong in the final two games of the series, earning a victory and heading to the ALCS.

Why will they get those wins? How about the fuel being added by Grant Balfour to the already burning fire that is the Tigers’ offense. It’s bad enough that the offense has been silent through three games, scoring just six runs and scattering only 14 hits, but the fact that the Athletics’ closer initiated a fierce exchange of words with Victor Martinez in the ninth inning of Monday afternoon’s game has to put the Tigers’ motivation through the roof.

Who is this guy walking into Comerica Park and talking trash to Detroit on its home field? Balfour talks a tough game, but he is far from being able to say he can back it up. In case no one remembers, the A’s closer gave up four runs in the ninth inning about a month ago to lose to the Tigers at Comerica after heading into the closing situation with a three-run lead.

I’m not sure if he was still bitter about that, but his classless act on the mound on Monday afternoon will end up costing the Athletics a series victory.

Being a big believer in momentum shifts, I believe the Tigers have too much motivation to get the job done that it will trump the momentum built up by the Athletics from two straight wins.

It’s too bad Balfour had to open his mouth and drop some ‘f’ bombs on Martinez for “looking at him” because this series was definitely going to the Athletics prior to the bench-clearing mess. Don’t worry, Detroit, your Tigers won’t back down now and don’t be surprised if this motivation leads them right past Oakland in five games.

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