MLB Playoffs: Why The Boston Red Sox Got Jake Peavy

By Carter Roane
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Jake Peavy was a big acquisition for the Boston Red Sox. He gives them another quality starter, and is a strong veteran presence towards the end of the rotation. Having a pitcher with Peavy’s credentials starting an important game is never a bad option. Peavy’s record in Boston this season was 4-1, with an earned run average slightly above 4.00. One more important quality about Peavy is that there may not be a competitor as fierce as he is.

If you have ever watched some of his games, you can hear him swearing and talking to himself. Some people may think that he is crazy, but a true baseball fan would see that as someone who has a huge competitive fire. That is exactly why Boston went out and got him; he fits right in with the rest of the team. This is a team that lives, sleeps and eats baseball. They talk about baseball all the time. They love the game, and it shows in how successful they have been this season.

Peavy is the type of pitcher who is going to do anything humanly possible to pitch quality innings and keep his team in the game. There are some games where he may not have had his best stuff, but he has been able to win just because he has guts. Peavy may have some extra motivation as well, because historically, he has not pitched well in the postseason. Hopefully he won’t let his emotions get the best of him and pitch poorly as a result.

Peavy could use a lot of run support and focus at the task at hand, getting as far into the game as he can for his team. This is why Boston gave up such a promising prospect in Jose Iglesias. These are the moments that they were hoping to see with Peavy. Let’s see if he can deliver.

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