Will Larry Bowa Make a Good Bench Coach For Philadelphia Phillies?

By Rebekah Milsted
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Phillies are now entering the Ryne Sandberg era. He will be managing the team for three years. With that, he gets to decide on who joins him as his coaching staff. It seems that a familiar face will join him as the bench coach: Larry Bowa.

Bowa was the teams’ manger from 2001 until 2004. He never was able to win the NL East or make a playoff appearance. Bowa was able to lead the Phillies to a winning record, however.

Is this a good decision for the Phillies? It could be as Sandberg and Bowa are friends. This could bring about good collaboration and decisions as they would get along well together. Also, Bowa does not know a lot of the current players. He only knows a few of the veteran guys, especially Jimmy Rollins. He can bring in new strategy as he went on to coach other teams and saw how other teams strategize.

Others might disagree. They may want the Phillies to bring in a complete outsider, which is understandable as it seems that the Phillies have been known to bring in staff who has connections to the team. Someone who is familiar with the organization can sometimes hurt the team in the long run, and sometimes the team just needs a fresh start.

Bowa has a long history with the team. He can certainly handle the task if Sandberg asks him to do it. It just has to be for the right reasons, and that is to better the Phillies.

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