Chicago White Sox: Curtis Granderson Makes Perfect Sense As Free Agent Target

By Randy Holt
Curtis Granderson
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

It’s hard to imagine that the Chicago White Sox will be as bad as they were in 2013 heading into next year. On paper, they’re not nearly as poor a club as their record would indicate, and are just a year removed from nearly grabbing a playoff spot out of the American League Central.

Without a strong farm system to fall on, the White Sox will likely focus on free agency this winter to improve their club and try to get back into the postseason. We already know who at least one of their free agent targets will be once the market opens up, and that is outfielder Curtis Granderson.

There are multiple reasons that Granderson would be a fit for the White Sox. Part of the appeal, for both sides, is the fact that Granderson is a hometown kid. It would be a move that would strike big with fans after a miserable 2013 season, and Granderson might find that appeal to be great.

Obviously he’s a fit for them in the lineup as well. Granderson brings the necessary power to the mix, and an ability to get on base that this team currently lacks. He’d improve them greatly in each of those areas, as well as defensively. That aspect of it really goes without saying. It’s just a matter of money.

What once looked like a major contract heading into this winter’s offseason now won’t cost nearly as much, as injuries limited him greatly during the season. That’s not to say that price won’t be a factor, and we don’t know how much money the White Sox have to play around with, but it won’t be as large as it could have been.

It remains to be seen whether the White Sox could actually pull off a deal to bring Granderson to Chicago. They’re not exactly the New York Yankees, who offer up a much better chance at winning. But at the same time, Granderson may find passing up an opportunity to return home is too good to pass up. He’s a fit in that respect, and on paper. The Sox should push hard to bring him home to the Windy City.

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